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Ski at mountain Vermio.

In a distance, about 20 km from the hotel, you have the opportunity to visit two ski resorts, 3-5 Pigadia, and Seli.

Agios Nikolaos

Only 2 km from hotel Driades you can take a stroll in St. Nikolaos park, in the edges of Arapitsa river, or in one of the thousands trails in the mountains.

Archaeology in region

Near to the town of Naoussa, is located the School of Aristotle, where the young Alexander was sent to be taught philosophy by the great Greek philosopher.

The Macedonian Tombs at the village of Lefkadia and the ancient theatre of Mieza stands 7 km from Naoussa.

The Palace and the Macedonian Tombs at Verginaare located 40 km from Naoussa.

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